Our offered Programs

For Beginners


In these programs we particularly focus on beginner shooters who have no or very little experience in shooting sports, usually age between 12-16. In these programs, we provide everything including coaching, range facility, weapons, pellets and other consumables which are required at a grass root level for a kid to start their journey. 

Currently we are offering three beginner level programs –


1. ‘Your First Shot’- It is a one month program for kids who wants to start their journey to become a professional shooter or kids who just want to try their hand on shooting as a hobby. This programs also laid down a good foundation for our other programs.

This program focuses on introducing kids with the shooting sports and more importantly teaching them handling a weapon safely. Few things which will be covered in the program are-

· Introduction to shooting sports

· Safety rules & Weapon handling.

· Basic techniques in shooting.

· Basics of standing position.

· Practice sessions.

· Warming up & Cooling down sessions.

· Sessions for developing mind skills required for shooting. 

2. 'On Your Marks' – This is a three-month program for those who have completed the first program and want to pursue shooting sports further. This program focuses on preparing kids to become future champions. This program focuses on building a concrete base in physical, technical & mental aspects of shooting sports.

Few things that will be covered in this program are-

· Building up shooting stance & position.

· Stability & Balancing Training.

· Practice sessions for all important techniques of shooting.

· Introduction to basics of physical fitness & nutrition.

· Mind training sessions.

· Introduction to advance weapons.

3. 'Shoot for the star'– It is an ongoing monthly program which is for kids who are ready to take up shooting as a professional sport. At this level kids have personalised equipment & weapon. This program focuses on giving deeper understanding of technique and introducing kids with the professional approach of shooting. During this program, when a shooter is ready, he will also be introduced to basic level competitions to get exposure of competitive shooting. As the shooter progress and gains experience of national level competitions, he can then have promoted to intermediate level program.